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The goal of this page is to offer you practical guidance and inspiration for navigating college and planning for your future employment and career.

For those of you who are near graduation, we want to provide you with some ideas and strategies for answering the important question: “What’s next?” Keep in mind that on and off-campus civic engagement projects, internships, study abroad, and independent studies are also important components of your WGST education and future career. You are also encouraged to reach out to your advisor or any of the WGST faculty or staff – we are here to help you succeed!

A minor in Women’s and Gender Studies gives you invaluable skills such as critical thinking, research, analysis, communication, and problem solving – making you an informed, engaged member of society.

Our alumni have gone onto successful careers in media, business management, administration, education, finance, public administration, health, hospitality, human services, information technology, public safety, marketing, sales, engineering, and more! WGST alumni also report that their minor impacted both their career goals and community involvement. UNC Charlotte’s University Career Center is available to assist you in figuring out the best path for your career during and after college as well as how to make the best use of your WGST education.

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