Gender Excellence Learning Community

What is the Gender Excellence Learning Community?

The Gender Excellence (Gen-X) Learning Community is designed to enhance first-year students’ knowledge of social justice issues that relate to gender, race, sexuality, equity, identity, and activism. It also helps students to network and make early connections with a variety of women- and gender-related campus, cultural, and community programs. 

During the first year at UNC Charlotte, students in the Gen-X learning community attain up to forty hours of activism experience, learn and apply ethical leadership skills, conduct research for two major projects, and hone skills in critical thinking and intersectional analysis. Gen-X experiences draw on the ideals of service-learning, which combine volunteer efforts with academic study. Students will also make progress towards their Gen Ed requirements and have individualized advising and reserved seating in WGST courses while in the program. Finally, through shared enrollments in classes, Gen-X students focus on team-building and social awareness, work on a number of course-related projects with colleagues, form common study groups, and develop core friendships and associations with other Learning Community students who share their interests. Many Gen-X graduates go on to declare the Women's and Gender Studies minor, as they have three of six courses complete by the end of their first academic year, though this is not required.

Am I Eligible?

The Gender Excellence Learning Community is a dynamic group open to all first-year students who are interested in issues related to women and gender. All students in all majors and disciplines, as well as those who are still undecided majors, are eligible to participate in the program. For more information about the Gender Excellence Learning Community go to or contact Jennifer Byrd at