Sonya Ramsey, Ph.D.

Director, Women's and Gender Studies

Departments: History, Africana Studies

Areas of specialization: African American gender history, history of education, oral history, southern history, multicultural women’s studies

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Shannon Bauerle, M.A.

Triota Faculty Supervisor, Part-Time Faculty
Cedar 46A

Departments: Women's and Gender Studies, American Studies
Areas of specialization: Gender and religion, pop culture and feminism, comparative myth

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Jennifer Byrd, M.A.

Senior Lecturer; IDST Undergraduate Coordinator
Barnard 206

Areas of specialization: feminist theory, activism and outreach, gender and literary criticism, third-wave feminism, ecofeminist studies, gender studies in early modern period

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Kelly Finley, M.A.

Undergraduate Advisor, WGST minor Advisor, Senior Lecturer
Barnard 207

Areas of specialization: female adolescent sexuality/virginity, feminist activism, body image, women and work
Faculty webpage

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Gretchen Alterowitz, M.F.A.

Faculty Affiliate
Robinson 377

Department: Dance, Women's and Gender Studies
Areas of specialization: Gender and performance, feminist pedagogy

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Mary Layton "Mel" Atkinson, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Fretwell 435E

Department: Political Science, Women's and Gender Studies
Areas of specialization: Public opinion, issue framing, agenda setting, women in American politics


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Judy Aulette, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Fretwell 476C

Department: Sociology Areas of specialization: African women; gender; families; activism; HIV

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Kathleen Bradley-Volz, M.A.

Part-Time Faculty

Areas of specialization: sociocultural anthropology; power, subjectivity, and agency using postmodern theories; gamification; intersectionality; representations of gender, sexuality, masculinity, and femininity; educational technology

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Kent L. Brintnall, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Macy 202A

Departments: Women's and Gender Studies, Religious Studies, Film Studies Areas of specialization: queer theory, psychoanalytic theory, literary theory, religion & sexuality, Georges Bataille Faculty webpage

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Robert J. Cramer, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
CHHS 354

Department: Public Health Sciences
Areas of specialization: hate crimes; violence prevention; suicide prevention; LGBTQ+ identity and health; measurement development; program evaluation


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Ann Dils, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Robinson 361

Department: Dance, Women's and Gender Studies
Areas of specialization: history of dance, movement analysis, feminist theory and research methods, cultural studies

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Emek Ergun, Ph.D.

Women's and Gender Studies; Global Studies

Associate Professor
Macy 108A

Departments: Women's and Gender Studies; Global Studies
Areas of specialization: Transnational feminisms, feminist theory, feminist translation studies, border studies, cultural globalization, feminist body/sexuality politics, feminist pedagogies

Faculty Webpage

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Rachael Forester

Office of Identity, Equity, and Engagement

Faculty Affiliate

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Catherine Fuentes, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Barnard 250

Department: Anthropology Areas of specialization: Medical anthropology; Hispanic immigrants; violence and women

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Stephanie N. Galloway, Ph.D.

The William States Lee College of Engineering; Women's and Gender Studies

Associate Graduate Faculty
Duke Centennial 316

Areas of specialization: Qualitative research methods, assessment, evaluation, underrepresented students in STEM, and identity.

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Javier García León, Ph.D.

Spanish, Latin American Studies

Faculty Affiliate
COED 485

Departments: Languages and Culture Studies, Latin American Studies, Women's and Gender Studies
Areas of specialization: Critical Discourse Analysis; Queer Linguistics; Sociolinguistics; Languages in Contact; (LGBTIQ+) Latin American Cultural and Media Studies; Second Language Teaching.

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Ruth Groenhout, Ph.D.

Philosophy, Women's and Gender Studies A

Faculty Affiliate
Winningham 109C

Areas of specialization: Healthcare ethics, gender and medicine

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Felecia Harris, Ph.D.

American Studies

Part-Time Faculty
IDST 320

Departments: Africana Studies, Women's and Gender Studies

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Jennifer Hartman, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Colvard 5073

Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology Areas of specialization:  Gendered Violence, hegemonic masculinity, evaluation research, best practices for CBT

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Katie Hogan, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Fretwell 250C

Departments: English Areas of specialization: place, sexuality, and gender; queer ecologies/LGBT literature of environmental justice; critical university studies; girl studies; feminist pedagogy; gender, race, and AIDS Faculty webpage

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Susan Johnson, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Colvard 4007

Department: Psychology Areas of specialization: health psychology and neuropsychology; psychosocial factors in chronic illness; neurocognitive performance and functioning

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Peta Katz, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Hickey 44B

Department: Anthropology Areas of specialization: socio-cultural anthropology, Africa, gender

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Lorelei Kitrick, M.A., MSW

Part-Time Faculty
Fretwell 320

Departments: American Studies, Women's and Gender Studies
Areas of specialization: Violence against women awareness and prevention, intimate partner violence, theories of violence and conflict resolution

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Amber Knight, Ph.D.

Political Science and Public Administration

Faculty Affiliate
Fretwell 450F

Areas of specialization: critical disability theory, contemporary political philosophy, bioethics, feminist political thought

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Erica Lennon, Ph.D.

Counseling & Psychological Services

Faculty Affiliate
Price Center

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Janaka Lewis, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Fretwell 265M

Departments: English, Women's and Gender Studies Areas of specialization: 19th century African American literature, African American women writers, black feminist theory

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Fatma Mili, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Woodward 443

Department: Computing and Informatics

Areas of specialization: Technology and gender

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Rosie Molinary, M.F.A.

Part-Time Faculty

Departments: Honors College, Women's and Gender Studies Areas of specialization: body image, self-acceptance, media literacy and women in the media, ethnic identity

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Jennifer Munroe, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Fretwell 245C

Department: English Areas of specialization: early modern English literature, women writers, literature and the environment, literature and science, gender and film

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Maryrica Ortiz Lottman, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
COED 457

Department: Languages and Culture Studies Areas of specialization: early modern Hispanic literature and culture, theater and performance studies, gardens and landscape architecture

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Malin Pereira, Ph.D

Faculty Affiliate
Levine 190

Department: English, Honors College Areas of specialization: African American literature, American literature and poetry, black women writers

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Heather Perry, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Garinger 214

Department: History Areas of specialization: modern Germany; medicine and war; gender, technology, and the body; disability history; World War I

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Margaret M. Quinlan, Ph.D.

Health and Medical Hummanities

Faculty Affiliate

Areas of specialization: Health Communication

  • The nexus of public perceptions of science, technology and medicine
  • Women’s health, especially reproductive health, social media, motherhood, parenting
  • Practitioner-patient communication, medical expertise
  • Narrative and aesthetics approaches to health, disability and illness

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Alan Rauch, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Fretwell 290L

Departments: English, Women's and Gender Studies
Areas of specialization: cultural studies of science, knowledge in the 19th century

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Theresa Rhodes, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Atkins 158

Department: The Counseling Center Areas of specialization: LGBTQ concerns and identity development, psychology of women, childhood trauma-effects and treatment

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Zeenat Sabakada

Women's and Gender Studies

Part-Time Faculty

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Desireé T. Self, M.A.

Women's and Gender Studies

Part-time Faculty

Intellectual interests include (but is not limited to): Black Feminist Theory, Affect, Identity, Queer Theory, Activism, Human Sexuality, Philosophy of Sex, Feminist Philosophy, Black Aesthetics, Poetics, Audre Lorde, June Jordan

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Katherine S. Stephenson, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
COED 441

Department: Languages and Culture Studies Areas of specialization: feminist theory, French feminist philosophy, language and gender, sexuality studies, 20th-21st century French women writers

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Shannon Sullivan, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Winningham 103

Departments: Philosophy, Health Psychology, Africana Studies, Women's and Gender Studies Areas of specialization:  feminist philosophy, critical philosophy of race, continental philosophy (phenomenology, existentialism, psychoanalytic theory, genealogical philosophy), American pragmatism

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John Szmer, Ph.D., J.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Fretwell 435K

Departments: Political Science and Public Administration Areas of specialization:  judicial behavior, constitutional law, gender and law

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Laura Tamberelli, M.A.

Part-Time Faculty

Department: Women's and Gender Sutides
Areas of specialization: reproductive justice, women and media, gender performativity, health/fitness

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Annette Teasdell, Ph.D.

Part-Time Faculty
Garinger 113

Departments: Africana Studies, Women's and Gender Studies
Areas of specialization: African American feminist theory, feminist theory in African American women's literature, gender and hip hop, African American literature and culture, Gullah/Geechee culture

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Aaron Toscano, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Fretwell 280F

Department: English Areas of specialization: technical & professional communication; science, technology, and society studies; rhetoric/composition; popular culture studies; new media studies

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Sarah Valvo, M.S.

Sociology, Political Science

Faculty Affiliate
Fretwell 460L

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Lori Van Wallendael, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Colvard 4020

Department: Psychology Areas of specialization: cognition, human decision-making, hypothesis testing strategies, juror decisions, eyewitness/earwitness memory, false memories

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Lisa Walker, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Colvard 2330

Department: Sociology Areas of specialization: group dynamics, social psychology, sociology of gender

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Jan Warren-Findlow, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate

Department: Public Health Sciences Areas of specialization: older women's health, gender disparities in health, health disparities, chronic illness self-care

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Coral Wayland, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate
Banard 220

Department: Anthropology Areas of specialization: medical anthropology, Brazil, medicinal plants, childbirth

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